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Everyone has a story, but not everyone's story, culture, nor identity is valued in the world of soccer/football...


Soccer/football culture is much more broader, complex, and beautiful compared to how it's depicted in the media especially on social media...


Horizon’s United Football Club (HUFC) was founded on the idea of using storytelling to uplift, advocate, and provide a bold space for the overlooked, misrepresented and underrepresented identities, cultures, traditions and issues in the football/soccer community. 

If soccer/football is the “world’s game”, one would think that the world of soccer/football is all about equality, right? If that's true, then why are people, cultures, and identities misrepresented and underrepresented in soccer/football media content? Why are social identities marginalized? Why are there issues of access? Why does the pay to play model exist? Why is a majority of mainstream soccer/football content garnered towards a certain demographic? Why? Why? Why?​

Horizon’s United Football Club doesn’t have ALL the answers but the stories that live and thrive on HUFC hope to spark the conversations to eradicate these issues…


Having launched in July of 2020, HUFC currently hosts written, audio, and video interviews with fans, aspiring, pro and retired players, journalists, project managers, and other football community members who hail from Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Cape Verde, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, England, France, India, and more.

​Since its launch and going forward, HUFC will continue to challenge gatekeepers, eradicate exclusivity, and issues of representation as the four principles of HUFC are: eradicate gatekeeping; sustain inclusion; build self, cultural and social awareness; and educate.

Forever and always, Horizon's United Football Club will share stories and produce content that see, hear, and value the global voices, remarkable identities, cultures, and traditions of the soccer/football community.

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