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Discourses + Guides

Given the global reach of soccer/football, how can the power of soccer/football be used to talk about accessibility, sustainability, body image, the climate crisis and so many other pressing issues that impact the members of the soccer/football community? How can soccer/football be an agent for change?


That’s where discourses, guides, and discourses + guides come in...  


A discourse is a fancy word for a discussion but it’s typically a discussion centered around a specific topic. In the many interviews and stories that live on HUFC, there have been many topics and ideas brought up that seemed intriguing to learn more about. 

An HUFC discourse on a certain topic or issue, like body image or accessibility, seeks to explore the topic matter and evidently bring more awareness and action to spark change.




One of the four principles of HUFC is, “educate”. How can we educate the next soccer/football generation to be more mindful, resourceful and socially and culturally aware? If someone wants to be a club photographer, how do they become one? How can someone make their own soccer/football magazine? How can an individual be a more sustainable soccer/football community member?


The objective of these guides are to support and empower the current and next generation soccer/football community and to eradicate gatekeeping as much as possible. 


Discourses + Guides


Upon watching or reading a discourse, what comes next? What more is there to learn? Discourses + guides go hand in hand as they can help bring awareness but can also be a tool by connecting individuals to other soccer/football community members, resources and more. 

hufc_body image discourse (800 × 800 px).jpg


How can we stop young women from feeling like they don’t belong in soccer or in sports because of the way that they look? How can we show EVERYONE that soccer welcomes any one from all shapes and sizes? How can we show individuals that it's okay stand up for themselves? 

Discourse + Guide:

How can football be an agent for change in the fight for making a sustainable world for the next generation of soccer/football community members?

sustainability discourse (800 × 800 px).jpg


Is soccer an accessible sport? Does soccer accommodate people of all mobilities and functional needs?

hufc_accessibility discourse (800 × 800 px).jpg


What are current members of the soccer/football community doing to commemorate their love for "the beautiful game"? Check out personal stories and interivews from football artists and creators!

mental health discourse (800 × 800 px).jpg


Is it okay to not be okay? How can we lean on one another in the soccer/football community to check up on each other and create a healthy and vulnerable culture?

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