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What are the four principles of HUFC? What are HUFC's goals? 


GATEKEEPING - where to even begin? Gatekeeping has been an issue that my friends and I have experienced numerous times. Via the power of storytelling, by individuals sharing their story, calling out gatekeeping behavior, sharing information via guides and connecting individuals to resources, hopefully HUFC can help ratify the current narratives and systems in place that sustain gatekeeping in soccer/football.


Given the four principles above, they’ve helped me think about HUFC's goals. 


How can the power of  storytelling eradicate gatekeeping, sustain inclusion, build self, social and cultural awareness and educate?


Via the goals listed below, hopefully it can help start the conversation to get some answers...



  • Democratize soccer/football through storytelling

  • Share information, resources and opportunites to make everything accessible 

  • Highlight and amplify the advocates, fans, bloggers, vloggers, artists, and other creative individuals who are changing how we engage with our relationship with soccer/football


  • Provide a space for anyone who's felt like an outsider in soccer/football

  • Uplift identities, people, and cultures through multimedia storytelling

  • Spark uncomfortable conversations, build relationships, cultivate new discourses and assist in the restoration of power and agency to those that have been marginalized 


  • Build and sustain self, social and cultural awareness

  • Learn how other identities define and celebrate soccer/football culture

  • Challenge self-awareness in efforts of growing it

  • Remain open and honest about the lack of knowledge on an issue - there's always room to grow


  • Provide a space for the next generation of fans so that they can see all of what they can do with their relationship with soccer/football. 

  • Create guides that discuss important topics, issues or professions within the game

  • Instill the notion: there’s so much you can do in the world of soccer/football. There’s always a place for you.


Not that many goals, huh? That's all for now folks...just kidding! 

As time goes on and more stories are told, this list will grow.


Have a goal that you think falls in one of the four principle categories? Fill out the contact form to get in touch!


Tell me what goals should be added to the list! 

Thanks for submitting!

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