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Elo Bengoechea on journalism in Latin America, attending World Cup matches and gender inequality

(From Fall 2020)

Hola a todos! Watch me butcher Spanish in this interview with the lovely, beautiful and awesome Uruguayan journalist/periodista, Elo Bengoechea. Elo Bengoechea has had one of the coolest upbringings I've ever heard of.

During her youth, you would find Elo in the crowds at monumental events like the World Cup and Copa America cheering on her father, Pablo Bengoechea. Pablo Bengoechea is currently a football coach who not only scored several goals for the Uruguayan National Team during his playing career but also captained the team and played for clubs in Uruguay, Spain and Argentina. For this interview, I couldn't help but ask what her upbringing was like and surprisingly, it was all normal to her!

Elo and I chat about what drew her to become a journalist, gender inequality/equality in Latin American football and her thoughts on Uruguay being a possible host for the 2030 FIFA World Cup. Please give one of my favorite interviews a watch!

Wandering eyes and listening ears, this is Elo Bengoechea's story...


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