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Angel City FC forward, Jasmyne Spencer talks the climate crisis, forest fires and sustainability

In 2021, Jasmyne Spencer was featured in HUFC’s “Life on the Pitch” series where she discussed her professional soccer career journey and her passion for sustainability both on and off the pitch.

Jasmyne's passion and drive for educating individuals on the small ways they can live more sustainably inspired this series of discourses on sustainability.

In this discourse, Jasmyne talks about how her passion for the environment has led her to launch her sustainable lifestyle brand, Jas It Up, staying clear from using synthetic fibers, forest fires’ impact on NWSL matches and player health, and her daily sustainable lifestyles habits.

Wandering eyes and listening ears, this is Jasmyne Spencer's discourse on sustainability:

To follow Jasmyne’s journey, please follow her here:

To learn more about SBPUSA, the nonprofit disaster relief organization Jas It Up has partnered with, please learn more here:

Jasmyne also incorporates a number of sustainable products into her daily routine. She uses her former teammate Lauren Barnes’ (from the OL Reign) eco travel kit collection, Mad Travel Kits, which you can find here:

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