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Nicole Robertson on playing professionally, making history, and running her own business

(Winter 2021)

At the age of 20, Nicole Robertson signed a professional football contract. From there, Nicole went on to play in the Champion's League, became the first paid female transfer in Danish history, played in the highest division of women's football in Denmark and currently plays for one of the best women's football teams in Scotland. May I add that during her time in achieving those accomplishments, she gained a bachelor’s in kinesiology. Oh and off the pitch, she’s a certified Thai massage therapist, works as a nutrition coach and runs her own business. So when someone says that she's had it "easy", well, here are her thoughts:

"It's funny when people say that, because they only ‘see’ the things they see. They only see the accomplishments, success and highlights of life. People don't advertise the struggles they go through. They don't advertise their workouts. They don't advertise their sadness or anything like that. They don't want to show people the negatives. They want to heighten their life by showing all the positives. So when naysayers say that, it's because they only see the success..."

In my conversation with the Glasgow City FC forward, we talk about mental health, discrimination, homophobia, getting kicked off her college soccer team and how she wants to change the conversation surrounding female footballer's accomplishments versus male players.

Wandering eyes and listening ears, this is Nicole Robertson's story...


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