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Paige Culver's Story

Canadian defender Paige Culver has several accolades under belt. From being a NCAA All-American to serving as Kent State women’s soccer team captain and playing professionally in Italy and France, Paige now plays for IFK Kalmar, a professional women’s club based in Kalmar, Sweden.

Even though Paige has had an enviable career so far, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her fair share of adversity. While playing professionally in Italy and France, Paige was under immense pressure from coaches and staff to look and perform a certain way, which was borderline body shaming and led to body image issues. As she looks back at her time in France and Italy, Paige has as an exemplary piece of advice that we all need to hear once in a while: “If you can go on the field or the court or whatever, and perform how you're supposed to perform, I don't think you necessarily need to look a specific way…”


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